Lots of changes coming to Morrissey Boulevard. Center Court Partners plans to build two towers – one 15 stories, the other 17 stories.  Initially, the towers were 21 and 24 stories on a 2.23 parcel that once housed the old Channel 56 but were scaled back due to neighborhood opposition. 

A letter of intent was filed this week with the Boston Planning and Development Agency – first reported by the Dorchester Reporter.   

This development would create 608 apartments right next door to The BEAT.  Center Court Partners also owns Star Market parcel and in the future wants to build up to five buildings with 1080 resident units, 86K+ retail and 1000 parking spots. 

This development is one to watch in 2020.  Question is, when are they going to fix K-circle.  If you think traffic is bad now…

Also across the way is the old Bayside Expo which will be transformed into a ginormous development. 

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