Bring on Phase 2

Gov. Charlie Baker announced on Saturday that Phase 2 of the reopening plan can begin on Monday, June 8th. So which businesses will open and what restrictions will be in placeHere’s the breakdown! 

Great Outdoors

Landmark Public House will open their patio for dining starting Monday, June 8th 3pm-9pm. Reservations are required. Here’s a running roundup of other outdoor dining spot and patios in the neighborhood! 

Get Back to the Things You Love

Created by Jennifer and Bob McMahon, Your Social Mask was designed to give people to opportunity to enjoy eating and drinking once again in a social setting. Keeping protection top of mind while reconnecting with our communities, Your Social Mask helps you get back to the things you love. Your Social Mask was developed by an experienced team who got together with a forward-thinking desire to help the restaurant, travel, entertainment, sporting, and event industries reopen. The mask gives people the opportunity to dine at a restaurant or socialize without taking off their masks and exposing their full face, or worrying about where to place the mask when it is removed. With a simple Velcro strip, the mask is opened and fastened on the side for access to your mouth to eating and imbibing ease. Straws can also be inserted from the bottom of the mask without it having to be unfastened. They are sold 2 per pack for $30.  You can learn more here!

Twisty Cone Alert

The forecast looks perfect for twisty cones enjoyed outdoors! Black Bird Doughnuts is now serving soft serve ice cream until 9pm.  Treat yourself!

How Does Your Garden Grow

Participate in Mayor’s Garden Contest!  This annual event is a citywide celebration of urban gardening. Your application for entry is due by July 10th.  You can download an application here! 

Fire Safety Tips

With summer weather upon us, here are some helpful reminders to keep you and our neighborhood safe! From fire pits, to propane grills, it’s all right here. 

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