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With summer weather upon us, here are some helpful reminders to keep you and our neighborhood safe!

Did you know?

Fire pits, chimineas and bonfires that use solid fuel including charcoal, wood, fuel pellets or any non-gaseous fuel are prohibited in the City of Boston.

Charcoal grills must be on the ground and away from buildings. Keep in mind the wind and never leave unattended. When done, dispose of the ash in a metal container once completely out.

Propane tank grills are only allowed on first floor non-enclosed porches/decks with steps to the ground. Do not place propane tank grills near air conditioners or up against a building. Make sure all connections are tight and never carry propane tanks into a home.

Propane Tank grills are not permitted inside or on porches, decks or balconies that are enclosed by a roof/ceiling or other confining material of any building or structure used for habitation.

Grills should always be used in a well-ventilated area, place on a level surface away from low hanging trees, deck railings, siding or any combustible materials.

Here are some more grilling/bbq safety tips from the city.

Also fireworks are illegal in the city of Boston.

If you smoke, please smoke safely.

  • Never smoke in bed.
  • Use a clean, large ashtray to dispose of smoking materials. More importantly, do not use a wastebasket, potted plant, outdoor planter or anything that is not fire proof.
  • Keep matches and lighters away from children.

Here is some more helpful information about fire safety from the City of Boston. 

Be safe out there!


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