Red Line Blues Continue Through the Summer

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Looks like there is still a long road ahead to get the Red Line back on track (pun intended). MBTA officials said Friday that it will take months to get the Red Line back to full service. Riders should expect slower commutes until at least Labor Day.

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In the immediate aftermath of the June 11 derailment, trains could only run at a rate of approximately one train every 10 minutes, or six trains per hour, during peak travel hours through the Red Line core, which spans from JFK/UMass to Alewife.

With both contractor personnel and MBTA forces working around the clock, train speeds could safely increase to 25 miles per hour through most of the affected area.  As a result, the MBTA was able to restore Red Line frequency to one train every six minutes during rush hour, or about 10 trains per hour. 

“While we recognize anything but full service falls short of our customers’ expectations, our current recovery schedule reflects the MBTA’s urgent approach to the massive task of returning the Red Line to full service,” said MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak.  “As recovery efforts continue, I want to thank the MBTA workforce for their urgency and professionalism, and I want our customers to know that we deeply appreciate their patience.”

So there you have it!  Happy Travels!

You can also check out up to date service announcements on the MBTA’s new website dedicated to the Red Line here.

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