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Dorchester Bay City – the city’s largest development for the area that was the old Bayside Expo next to UMass Boston!  The 5.9 million square feet “city” would include 1,740 residential units, 155,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space and four million square feet of office space.  It will also have 20 acres of open green space too.  Holy Moly!

There are two upcoming meetings that are important to be informed about when it comes to Dorchester Bay City! See below!

Dorchester Bay City Planning

The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) will host a meeting to discuss the planning considerations that the Agency uses in reviewing the Dorchester Bay City proposal. This meeting will focus on how the Columbia Point Master Plan and other City plans guide the Agency’s review of the proposal. The planning department will provide a brief presentation followed by an opportunity for questions from attendees. Attendees can expect to learn what guiding questions the Agency has in reviewing the project. No decisions related to the proposed project will be made at this meeting. This project is still undergoing review by the BPDA.  Zoom Link:
Toll Free Call-in Number: (833) 568 – 8864
Meeting ID: 160 247 9260

Amend Minimum Parking Requirements for Affordable Housing Virtual Public Meeting

This is a BPDA public meeting to discuss a text amendment to the Boston Zoning Code which would provide zoning relief for affordable housing developments. The text amendment would eliminate parking minimums for residential developments where at least 60% of the units are income-restricted at 100% Area Median Income (AMI) or below. The amendment would apply to developments with affordable rental and/or homeownership units.Although the zoning amendment would eliminate requirements for a minimum amount of parking, developers and the City of Boston would continue to determine the right amount of parking for each affordable housing project on a case-by-case basis through the project review process.

The intention of the zoning amendment is to eliminate delays and unnecessary costs for affordable housing developments. Please join the meeting using this link:

Webinar ID: 161 339 8603
Toll Free Call-in Number: 833.568.8864

This land has not been without controversy

To refresh your memory, this lot of land was considered a potential spot for the Olympic Village as part of Boston 2024 and just recently Bob Kraft was hoping for a New England Revolution soccer stadium. The proposal was shutdown after lack of transparency and input from the public and local elected officials.

This property is right across the way from the new development taking over the Boston Globe site on Morrissey Blvd. in addition to the renovation of the Mary Ellen McCormack Housing Development in Southie.

Finger’s crossed they fix the rotary from hell!

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