Lots of changes are on the horizon for Morrissey Boulevard

The developer who wanted to build two towers of residential units with commercial space at the Old Channel 56 station has informed the Boston Planning and Development Agency on Tuesday that they’d like to make one of the proposed buildings a “life science/office” space.

According to Universal Hub, a letter of intent was filed by Morrissey CLF Holdings and includes one 175-unit building and a 250,000 square foot research/life science and office building plus 868 parking spaces.  “Life Science,” you ask? There seems to be a large amount of life science projects in the works in many South Boston developments. You can read more about this new laboratory/research real estate boom here. 

This new letter of intent from CLF comes the day before City Councilor Ed Flynn (District 2) files a request for a hearing on whether residents should have more of a say in the planning of biotech research facilities in or near residential areas. Flynn basically says that some residents are growing concerned with the amount of “life science” and “research and development” offices popping up in new developments in Boston. What exactly will be going on in these buildings?

Background info of this project

Initially, last year, a letter of intent was filed with a plan to build two towers – one 15 stories, the other 17 stories.  (Initially, the towers were 21 and 24 stories on a 2.23 parcel but were scaled back due to neighborhood opposition.) 

This proposed project would be part of a larger development. CLF Holdings also owns Star Market parcel and in the future wants to build up to five buildings with 1080 resident units, 86K+ retail and 1000 parking spots.  Universal Hub also reports that CFL will also filed a request for a “planned development area” which means the land’s existing zoning rules would be pushed aside so the developer and BPDA can work out the details of the large project…hmmmmm….

This new development would also be located right next door to The BEAT. 

Question is, when are they going to fix K-circle.  If you think traffic is bad now…

Also across the way is the old Bayside Expo which will be transformed into a ginormous development – Dorchester Bay City. 

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