The City of Boston Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) have approved the plansto redevelop the old Phillips Old Colony House and Freeport Tavern at 780 Morrissey Boulevard

The project will include a 179,435 square foot six-story building with 219 units, 29 of which will be income-restricted.  There will also be a ground floor bicycle storage room and 136 vehicle parking spaces – in addition to 14,000 square feet of open space.

According to Universal Hub, 110 of the 219 units will be studios. The developer explained to the ZBA that there is a market for studios due to the fact that young professionals want smaller living spaces near public transportation. There will also be 88 one-bedroom units and 28 two-bedroom units in a building with two wings, one will have five stories and the other will have six. Universal Hub also reported that there was one Dorchester resident who opposed the project and there was some sort of technical situation that failed to let her speak before the ZBA voted to approve the project. You can read about here. 

The project is compliant with Climate Ready Dorchester, and includes raised residential entrances to mitigate the impact of sea level rise. Launched in October 2020, Climate Ready Dorchester builds on Mayor Walsh’s Resilient Boston Harbor plan to enhance Boston’s waterfront and protect vulnerable neighborhoods from sea level rise and coastal flooding.

This past January, the Boston Planning and Development Agency approved this project. Lots of changes coming to the neighborhood.

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