The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) would like to tear down a vacant brick building located at 98 Taylor Street – once home to the counting house of the Albert T. Stearns Lumber Company.

This area is currently used by DCR maintenance staff as a yard for vehicle and equipment storage.  In a notice to neighbors, the DCR states the building is deteriorating and should be demolished.   It also mentions that mold growth in the building has reached hazardous levels.

According to a recent article in the Dorchester Reporter, some neighbors, organizations, and local elected officials believe this building should be preserved for historic reasons, and the DCR should pause plans.

AECOM, an infrastructure consulting firm, believes repairing the building in question would cost over $1 million.

Earl Taylor, president of the Dorchester Historical Society, told the Dorchester Reporter that the building is an “important part” of Dorchester’s heritage for both architecture and the history of the business that once resided in that spot.  Taylor believes that the building shouldn’t be demolished but repurposed for a new use.

You can read the full article here. 

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