Should be a surprise to no one that lives here, but Boston has the worst rush-hour traffic in the country.  According to a new report by Inrix, in 2018 Boston drivers wasted about 164 hours in rush-hour traffic.  Good grief. 

Inrix looked at commutes in terms of peak – slowest travel times versus inter-peak – the fastest point between morning and afternoon commutes travel times. Basically Boston’s commutes increased 27 percent during peak versus inter-peak hours.

So now what? Maybe start with dedicated bus lanes during rush hour traffic? How about finally fixing Kosciuszko Circle aka the rotary from hell!  

According to the Boston GlobeMass DOT Secretary Stephanie Pollack believes we can’t ignore the congestion and need to fix the problem.  Ya think? 

This spring, MassDOT is scheduled to release an analysis of the reasons and some solutions for the congestion nightmare. 

Gondolas anyone?

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