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In order to give neighbors and the developer more time to come to an agreement, the Zoning Board of Appeal deferred a vote on the development of the old St. Matthew convent at 43-45 Stanton Street.

According to Universal Hub, the board initially voted to approve this project 4-1. State law requires at least five votes for zoning variances – so this project technically would not have passed.  Then the board voted 4-1 to deny the project without prejudice – to allow the developer to submit new plans within a year.  But again, that motion failed again for lack of five votes. Sheesh.

Board members then agreed unanimously to give the developer and residents until January 23rd to come to some sort of agreement or compromise.  This disagreement between the two sides stems from the roof – flat vs. peaked.

The developer would like to change of occupancy from convent to multifamily with 14 dwelling units with 19 parking spaces; renovate an existing structure and addnew 4-story addition at the rear of the existing building; demolish a one-story garage at the rear of the property. 

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