The Boston Herald is reporting that MBTA safety officials were not immediately notified of a decision to shut down a work site on Saturday.  The shutdown took place inside the Red Line’s Ashmont Tunnel due to air quality concerns involving elevated carbon monoxide levels.

This all took place in the Ashmont Tunnel only days into a two-week partial shutdown of the Red Line for track repairs. So what’s the big deal? Well, the Herald reports on a series of emails between MTBA safety officials highlighting potential communication issues regarding the project.

Evidently, the safety engineering deputy director never learned of the Ashmont Tunnel “situation” until a 7 a.m. call on Sunday.

So, is the Red Line work going to take longer than the predicted two weeks? According to MBTA spokesperson Lisa Battiston stated that the T expects construction work should be on schedule.

From the Boston Herald:

“Because the work inside the tunnel was suspended, the MBTA shifted the personnel and resources to other locations along the line where work was scheduled for later in the 16-day shutdown,” Battiston said.

You can get all the details including the back and forth between emails here. 


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