Will we or won’t we?

The snow situation in Boston is sort of up in the air…literally.  Maybe we will get 6-8 inches, or maybe it will turn to rain, and there will be no snow. But it is expected to be wet and windy. The storm will likely begin Saturday night. A winter storm watch is in effect from 4 p.m. Saturday through Sunday.

Although it’s technically a nor’easter coming our way, it’s unlikely the snow will seriously disrupt the streets and city, Boston officials said Friday afternoon during a press conference.

“This has the potential to be a real storm for the city,” Jascha Franklin-Hodge, the chief of streets for the city of Boston, said during a press conference. “But it does not look like it’s going to be a kind of accumulation, at least currently forecasted, where we would be concerned about having to close down the streets or do a sort of blizzard-scale operation.”

But if we do get hit with snow, the City of Boston is prepared with snow removal equipment on standby.

Danny Nee, the Boston superintendent of highways (and Southie native + good friend of CIS), said the city has at least 800 pieces of equipment, including 49,000 tons of salt, ready for the storm. Nee also said he’s been in communication with the city’s contracted partners to ensure the equipment they plan to use is “ready to go.”

So, we are sort of in a wait-and-see pattern.  As of now, no snow emergency as of yet, which means no spot savers and no parking restrictions.

Here’s a little refresher on our Unofficial Rules for Saving a Spot After a Snowstorm originated from our sister site! 

Be a good neighbor.

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