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The Massachusetts State Police want you to stop spreading rumors on Facebook.  Evidently, people are circulating falsehoods involving a white van filled with people in hazmat suits coming to your home and stealing your stuff.

This is a stressful time in our lives let alone phony baloney stories on Facebook.  And if you see stories like this don’t share them.  Know the source and take a moment to think – does this seem legit?

Kind of reminds us of the Legend of Clowns in the White Van of yesteryear.

From State Police:

The below message is going around on Facebook. We do not know the source of this. State Police are not going around house to house. If someone does come to your home making these claims call 911 to report the incident.

Message on Facebook:


The Massachusetts State Police want everyone to be aware that there are people going house to house in a white van in Hazmat suits telling people that they were sent to check every house for Corona Virus. They are taking fake vitals and stealing from people while in your home.

If you see a white van and people in Hazmat Suits, “CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY !!!”

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