Aww, rats!

It’s officially rat season! Rodents are out and about looking for a home to hunker down for the winter. So have you seen any recently?

Well, Axios Boston is reporting that Boston is ranked #1 when it comes to the number of rodent sightings inside homes via 2021 American Housing Survey data.

And you don’t want a rat in your house. In addition to carrying disease, they can also start electrical fires. Rats like to nest in walls, under floors and under piles of trash.

A few weeks back we reported about rats and trash and why it’s important to get rid of your garbage properly. (According to data compiled by Apartment Guide, Boston is the second most rat-infested metro area in the country.) We also learned this very disgusting fact: rats love to eat dog feces. So please, put your poop bags into trash cans and don’t leave them on the street or piled up next to trees at the park.

The City Council has ordered a hearing to discuss rats and trash and will be coming up in the near future.

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