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This is the easiest recipe in the world.  How easy?  Like infomercial set it and forget it easy.  Also makes your life easier because whatever is leftover can be used to make awesome BBQ chicken tacos, burritos, quesadillas, sandwiches, bowls, whatever your little heart desires.  Lets get to it, shall we?


  • 4-6 lbs boneless skinless chicken breast
  • 1 28oz bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce (the original)
  • 1 smaller bottle (17-ish oz) of whatever BBQ sauce you want and think will go with the Sweet Baby Ray’s
  • Rolls, hamburger, sandwich, brioche, whatever you love


  1. Trim fat off chicken breasts
  2. Put chicken in crockpot
  3. Pour both bottles of BBQ sauce over chicken, you might not even need to use all of the smaller bottle, depending how much chicken you’re cooking.
  4. Cook till chicken is done and falls apart easily.  About 4 hours on high or 8 hours on low
  5. When chicken is done, remove from crockpot and shred using two forks
  6. Here’s where we get tricky!  I do an extra, completely unnecessary step here.  When you cook chicken in the crockpot some dribs and drabs of chicken fat cook out.  This little baby globs gross me out, so I remove them, I strain all the sauce from the crockpot, but again this is COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY.
  7. Reserve a cup or two of the sauce from the crockpot
  8. Mix the shredded chicken and sauce in the crockpot, but on low if you were cooking on high
  9. Take the reserved sauce and cook down in a saucepan on the stove till it’s reduced by about half
  10. Assemble sandwiches, drizzle reduced over the chicken before you top them, and enjoy!

That’s it!  You basically throw chicken in the crockpot and walk away!  Oh and for the sandwich assembling, I like to butter and toast the rolls/buns on the stove and top with pickles, but cheddar cheese and ranch always pair well with BBQ sauce!

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