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In addition to voting for Mayor of Boston and Boston City Council, you’ll be voting for 3 questions. The municipal election takes place on Tuesday, November 2nd. The last day for Early In Person Voting is Friday.

Here’s the breakdown of the Questions

Question 1

One of the most dense questions on the ballot filled with enough words to instantly give you a headache is Ballot Question 1. Basically Question 1 would amend the city charter to change the city budget process. If you vote yes for Question 1, it would give the the Boston City council budget amendment power, instead of its current power of a yes or no vote to the entire budget. The council would not be able to exceed the overall total of the mayor’s budget. If passed, residents would have more input on how the city spends money through a newly-created Office of Participatory Budgeting.

If you vote no, you basically like how the budget is currently being handled by the City of Boston with the mayor having the most budget power.

Question 2

“Should a high voltage, electrical substation be built at 400 Condor Street in East Boston, along Chelsea Creek, near homes, parks, playgrounds, jet fuel storage, and in a flood risk area rather than in a nearby alternative safe and secure location such as non-residential Massport land at Logan Airport?”

The question is nonbinding (testing the waters for what residents want but nothing permanent) and basically asks voters whether an Eversource electric substation should be built along the Chelsea Creek or not. Yes vote means yes, it should. No means, not it should not.

Question 3

“Should the current appointed school committee structure be changed to a school committee elected by the residents of Boston?”

Yes, vote means you think school committee should be elected. No means, you think the school committee members should be appointed.

Question 3 is also nonbinding and accompanied by a home-rule petition in the City Council.

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