Dear Quincy,

Kindly be a good neighbor and stop dumping sewage into Boston Harbor and Dorchester Bay. You are violating the Clean Water Act and that’s terrible. Please clean up your act!



Fox 25 is reporting that the US Attorney’s office has filed a suit against the City of Quincy for water waste discharge over the past ten years. This is a direct violation of the Clean Water Act.

“The Clean Water Act is designed to protect the waters of the United States for the health and enjoyment of its citizens. This complaint demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that our waters and beaches are protected from discharges such as raw sewage and seeks to require that the City of Quincy take the important and necessary steps to do so,” said United States Attorney Andrew E. Lelling via statement.

Any violation of the Clean Water Act before November 2, 2015 could receive a $37,500 for each violation. Any violation after that date could receive a $54,833 penalty.

According to the lawsuit, water samples taken between 2009 and 2018 indicate the presence of E.Coli and enterococus along Quincy beaches.The lawsuit alleges that sewage waste was present.  It is also believed that Quincy’s sanitary sewer system overflowed on “numerous occasions, resulting in discharges of sewage and untreated wastewater.” Gross.

Thomas Koch, the mayor of Quincy is expected to give a press conference at 3pm on Friday to address the lawsuit.

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