The Polish American Club’s zoning lawyer, Ryan Spitz, informed Caught in Dot that the Zoning Board of Appeal voted unanimously 7-0 this week to approve a new billboard next to 93, near the social club. The money raised from leasing the land for the billboard to Media Partners would help the Polish American Club stay open.

Here’s a letter from the Polish American Club’s Board:

Dearest Friends,

It’s time to celebrate, folks! After an arduous and challenging three-year journey, we’ve finally been granted approval for the new billboard from the city of Boston! We couldn’t be more thrilled to share this news with all of you.

This billboard has been a dream of ours for so long, and we’re ecstatic that it is now that much closer to becoming a reality. From all the setbacks and hurdles we faced, we knew we had to persevere in order to secure the future of our organization. The revenue from this billboard will be transformative for our club, our historic building and the Polish-American community.

THANK YOU to everyone who supported us throughout this journey, who rallied for our cause, attended hearings, wrote letters of support and voiced their endorsement of this project. We also want to thank our neighbors, elected officials (City Councilors Michael Flaherty and Erin Murphy, and State Senator Liz Miranda), and the McCormick and Andrew Square Civic Associations for their support. At a time when so many cultural and ethnic clubs are closing around the country, this project will ensure that the Polish American Citizens Club remains open and a vital part of Boston’s Polish Triangle.

Stay tuned for more updates on this project – we can’t wait to share them with you!


The Officers and Board of Directors of the Polish American Citizens Club Boston

Stasia Kacprzak, President

Eric Basile, Vice President

Peter Dziedzic, Treasurer

Erica Manczuk Stocks, Recording Secretary

Board of Directors – Jay Judas, Ed Merski, Keith Stocks, Joanna Curry, and Dawn Morris

Original Post:

Universal Hub is reporting that the Zoning Board of Appeal agreed to reconsider its decision back in May to reject a plan by the Polish-American Club to erect a new billboard next to 93.

The Polish American Club’s zoning lawyer, Ryan Spitz, has filed detailed renderings of what the billboard would look like, which they didn’t file back in May. The lawyer also offered up a proposal by the club to take down three other billboards in Dorchester before the Polish American billboard would go up. Media Partners, which manages the billboards, stated they would take down two-sided billboards at Dot Avenue and Freeport Street. The two other locations would be decided through consultation with City Councilor Frank Baker and the McCormack Civic Association. Then they would negotiate with the owners and landlords of the other locations.

The Polish American Club stated that the money from leasing the land for the billboard to Media Partners would help them stay open.

You can read more details of this somewhat complex situation here. 

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