On Tuesday at approximately 1:30 p.m. Trooper Feras Irqsusi, assigned to the Troop H Community Action Team, was patrolling Columbia Road in Boston. As he was approaching Pond Street he observed an Acura TL with a rejected inspection sticker. He then performed an RMV inquiry of the license plate and noticed the registered owner’s license was suspended. Trooper Irqsusi activated his emergency lights and initiated a motor vehicle stop.

Once the Acura stopped the trooper approached the driver’s side and identified the operator as LIVINTON AYBAR-RUIZ, 24, of Dorchester. Trooper Irqsusi was aware that AYBAR-RUIZ, owner of the vehicle, had a suspended driver’s license. After conversing with the occupants Trooper Irqsusi returned to his cruiser to conduct an investigation. He learned that the rear seat passenger, identified as KERVIN ROSARIO, 38, of Salem, had multiple prior charges for illegal distribution of narcotics and firearms offenses, as well as five prior charges for trafficking Class A and Class B Narcotics. In addition, ROSARIO had open court cases for trafficking Fentanyl.

While Trooper Irqsusi was still in his cruiser he observed ROSARIO lean forward and to the left multiple times. In fear he may have been retrieving a weapon Trooper Irqsusi exited his cruiser and ordered ROSARIO out of the vehicle.

As Trooper Irqsusi was conducting a pat frisk of ROSARIO two Boston Police Officers arrived on scene to assist. Trooper Irqsusi also conducted a frisk of the area ROSARIO was seated and located a large amount of a substance believed to be crack cocaine. The total amount of crack cocaine seized was 51 grams. Trooper Irqsusi also located a knife and over $1200 in cash.

AYBAR-RUIZ and ROSARIO were placed under arrest and transported to the South Boston Barracks for booking. The front seat passenger was permitted to leave the scene. A bail commissioner was contacted and placed a bail amount of $25,000 on AYBAR-RUIZ and $100,000 on ROSARIO. They were scheduled to be arraigned today at Dorchester District Court on the following offenses.


Trafficking in Cocaine;
Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Distribute;
Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License;
Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Rejected Inspection Sticker; and
Illegal Window Tint.


Trafficking in Cocaine; and
Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Distribute, Subsequent Offense.

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