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A proposed Total Wine Alcohol Superstore has stirred concern in neighborhoods across the city of Boston as details of the 20,000+ sq. foot complex in the South Bay Shopping Center becomes clear.

The original idea behind the development of the South Bay Shopping Center was to help revitalize and share in the wealth with businesses in the communities of South Boston, Dorchester, Roxbury, and the South End. Since that inception of the development in 1998, Boston has faced a difficult balance of supporting national companies while also supporting Boston-owned small businesses.

A clear example of this balance can be found in the responsibility of the City of Boston Licensing Board to review a neighborhood’s public need for a liquor license before granting a new liquor license or transfer. The Licensing Board needs to determine that the residents do not have reasonable access to beer, wine, and spirits in order to grant the transfer.

The proposed location of the Total Wine Alcohol Superstore is less than a mile away from fifteen Boston small businesses that currently provide beer, fine wine, wine, and spirits. Given the close proximity of these local businesses, which provide a diverse line of products similar to the proposed Total Wine Alcohol Superstore, there is no public need that can be determined.

In addition to the fact that there is no public need for the Total Wine Alcohol Superstore in the South Bay Shopping Center, there is also no public benefit. The proposed Total Wine Alcohol Superstore would be located less than 1/8 of a mile from the area known as Mass and Cass. While there are many discussions taking place about how to help people in crisis in this part of the City, what we can agree on is that that neighborhood would not benefit from locating a giant alcohol superstore nearby.

Stand with Boston small businesses and residents. Tell the City of Boston Licensing Board that there is no public need for a liquor license in South Bay Shopping Center.

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In response to the proposed Total Wine Alcohol Superstore, a coalition of residents and businesses have formed the Save Boston Small Businesses coalition. Opponents to the Total Wine alcohol superstore can now register their opposition in an online petitionYou can sign it here!

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