Mystery Solved:

According to the owners of Venice Pizza – they are venturing onto new things and will NOT continue to be pizza shop owners. As to what the space on Dot Ave. will become is still up in the air.

Original post:

Will the wildly popular pizza place on Dot Ave reopen? Five weeks ago, Venice Pizza posted the following message:

We are unfortunately temporarily closed due to maintenance issues. Please check back for updates. Apologies for the inconvenience.

So what’s going on? Are they still having maintenance issues, and is the closure only temporary? There have been no updates.

Caught in Dot has been receiving many messages asking if we have the scoop.  We reached out to the pizza spot but have not heard back. Customers have also been asking on Instagram too!

Hopefully, it is only temporary, and Venice will be opening back up soon.  Maybe with this post, we will get some answers.  Stay tuned.

If anyone does know what’s going on, reach out to us – [email protected] 

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