The great outdoors

For the month of October you can can enjoy a free ferry ride to Thompson Island on weekends! Also, on Saturday, October 9th, you can take a free ferry to Spectacle Island!  Pack a picnic, take a hike, enjoy the fresh air! You can learn more here! 

About Thompson Island

A beautiful destination to visit, Thompson Island is perfect for exploring nature thanks to its salt marshes, herons, egrets, flowering meadows, and fruit trees. Prior to the development of Boston, the island functioned as a trading post between Native Americans and David Thompson. The island later became a farm and trade school for orphans from 1833 to 1975. Today, the island is home to Thompson Island Outward Bound, a non-profit education organization offering programs in leadership, environmental education, and youth empowerment.

About Spectacle Island

With panoramic views of the Boston Harbor and an accessible lifeguarded beach, Spectacle Island is ideal for outdoor adventures or a relaxing day by the sea. Over the years, Spectacle Island has served several purposes, from supporting farming to housing resort hotels. It now functions as a park for the public to explore. Enjoy a day of hiking, listen to the sweet sounds of a jazz concert, or take in the breathtaking views from the top of North Drumlin.


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