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Oh, hey it’s spring, allegedly, hopefully.  Spring feels like new life, rebirth, it feels like I can finally put away my winter coat and faux fur throw.  Most of us (at the least the normal ones) swap out our clothes when the warmer weather finally arrives, but what about around the house?  Believe it or not it’s really easy to refresh your home for spring, and you don’t have to pack your dining room table away in plastic bins like you do with your sweaters. 

Keep it light and airy.  Open the curtains, pull up the blinds, open the windows and let the fresh air and natural light in!  We don’t always get much of a spring in New England, it seems like we go from blasting the heat to blasting the AC, so when we get those three nice spring days in a row you really must take advantage of them.  Pro tip, watch your volume level when you yell at your bratty kids with the windows open, you don’t want your neighbors calling social services.

Add your favorite spring color.  What spring colors do you love?  Bright blue and white?  Pastels?  Whatever it is, look for interesting ways to incorporate it into your home.  Maybe it’s new bedding, or a collection of glass, maybe you go bonkers and get an area rug.

Bring in some natural elements.  The no brainer here is flowers, because let’s face it, flowers practically scream spring, but why stop there?  Greenery, budding branches, moss, hearty fruits (you know, stuff that lasts a while in a bowl on the table, like lemons and limes), coral, shells, the possibilities are endless…well not really endless, I wouldn’t recommend throwing a fistful of dirt on a side table and calling it a day.

Swap out your pillows.  Switching up your pillows is an easy, and relatively inexpensive way to freshen up your home décor.  Bringing in some new pillows can let you play around with color, texture, and pattern and really change the look of your room.  Or maybe you can afford to reupholster your couch every season, I don’t know, I don’t live your life.

Show some personality with your welcome mat.  People should get a taste of what they’re in for at your front door.  My welcome mat is bright red and says “merry”, as a person who has never gotten their inspection sticker on time I’d say that is pretty on brand.  I think your welcome mat is one spot in your home you really can’t be too goofy, so go all out.  And if you’d like to get me a new welcome mat, this will do quite nicely.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but we’d love to see how you do spring!  Tag your Instagram pics with #SouthieSpring so we can see your spring pics on Instagram, and follow us if you’re not!

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