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We all witnessed the social media storm that erupted when Mercury News – a San Jose newspaper mistakingly mixed up Southie and Dorchester when reporting about a Wahlburgers opening in Palo Alto.  The headline of the article read: “Wahlburgers in Palo Alto: How to eat like a Southie” 

Naturally, we were all over it, pointing out their obvious mistakes:

Even Donnie Wahlberg got involved:

So naturally, Mercury News responded and they did apologize to Donny and then kinda gave people from Boston a little bit of shit about being sensitive about our neighborhood pride.

“Other residents also tweeted their “outrage” over the gaffe, Spencer Buell of Boston magazine wrote. And the Boston Globe’s Jeremy C. Fox talked of the “indignities for Bostonians.” (Gee, you’d think we’d accused the Patriots of deflating footballs or something.)”

Mercury News also corrected the headline to read:

“How to eat like you come from Southie.”

Thus missing the whole initial mistake – The Wahlbergs are NOT from Southie!  They are proud Dorchesters! 


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