Sober houses causing stress in the neighborhood

Some residents aren’t too thrilled with the owner a several sober houses in Dorchester.  Over 20 residents from the Meeting House Hill neighborhood gathered on Tuesday night to discuss sober houses owned by Joseph Pizziferri Jr. and his son, Joseph Pizziferri III, including one at on Potosi Street and a new one hoping to open on Percival Street.

The Pizziferri’s own seven residences across Dorchester and Roxbury. Each sober house called Faith House has been certified through the Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing.  Their eighth and most recent residence was certified at 29 Percival St. but hasn’t officially opened.

According to the Boston Herald, some residents feel like there are too many sober houses in one small area.  They also feel like the Pizziferri’s have not been transparent with their intention. 

You can read more about this here.

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