Back in March, we reported that City Councilor Liz Breadon proposed banning local pet shops from selling guinea pigs.  According to Breadon, there are several guinea pigs abandoned and alone roaming the streets of Boston. Really? We can’t imagine a guinea pig lasting a day against the scourge of giant rats around town, but what the heck do we know?

Breadon also stated back in March that 311 reports were being filed all over the city, including Fenway, Allston, Dorchester, Roxbury, Mission Hill, and Mattapan. Also, Breadon added that guinea pigs are being dropped off at shelters like the MSPCA because owners no longer want them… I wonder why? Well, according to Breadon, guinea pigs can require expensive medical care. Plus, they are not adopted as many dogs and cats and tend to stay in local shelters twice as long.

Universal Hub is reporting that the City Council voted to approve Breadon’s efforts to ban the selling of guinea pigs at pet shops in the City of Boston.  Phew! Thank goodness that issue was addressed.  After Mayor Wu signs this order, it will take 90 days to go into effect.

Bottom line….don’t get a guinea pig.  And if you see one just roaming around the streets with a stick and bindle, just pretend like you didn’t see it. You don’t need those high-priced medical bills.

Read the full details here. 


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