Last week in South Boston, a topless women was just hanging out on M Street Beach.  On Monday in Hopkinton, a couple decided to go for an early morning dog walk completely nude. Needless to say, the cops were called and responded.

According to the Metro West Daily News, police went to Hayden Rowe Street after receiving calls about two naked people walking a dog. Police spotted the couple who were in fact completely nude, “walking down the street with a medium-sized black dog named Lucy.”

To make matters worse, the couple didn’t sheepishly shrug their shoulders and return home to put on some clothes.  Oh no, a naked foot chase ensued, followed by a violent struggle, and ended with the couple in handcuffs…sans clothes.

The couple was charged with indecent exposure, assault and battery on a police officer, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

This all happened before 7am on Monday morning.  Word to the wise, just keep your clothes on. 

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