Earlier this month, we reported that Caffe Zia Gianna would be closing its doors for good. Over the weekend, Nino Barbalace, owner of the cafe, let his valued customers know (via social media) that he will be relocating to Savannah, Georgia to open a B+B.  He also announced that the coffee shop located on Dot. Ave. is on the market!

See post below:

Dear customers and friends,

After I posted that I was closing Zia Gianna, I was flooded with beautiful messages, texts, and phone calls. It really filled my heart with joy but also with melancholy, because I already miss you all, I miss cooking for you and especially talking with you.

I’ve had 5 wonderful years working at Zia Gianna, but now Hans and I (and our baby Bruno) have decided to move forward and relocate in Savannah, Georgia and open a B&B. We really hope to have the chance to get to see you again in the future.

To be able to start our new adventure, we have listed Zia Gianna for sale. If you know anyone who may be interested in taking our place, please share the following contact:

Josh Drawas T. 617-212-1118

Josh is our good friend/realtor and he is helping us in this project.

You can also PM me on Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone and each one of you and take care.

With love,

So if it’s always been a dream of yours to open your own coffee shop or restaurant, consider this your sign from the Universe!

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