From BPD News:

At about 10:55 AM, on May 23, 2022, at approximately, Officers assigned to the C-11 and C-6 Drug Control Units executed a Dorchester District Court search warrant at 286 Columbia Road, in Dorchester and made an on-site arrest of Edmilson Andrade, 32, of Dorchester.

In the execution of the warrant, officers were able to stop Andrade as he entered his motor vehicle. Officers were then able to peacefully make entry into the target address. Inside the address officers recovered the following items:

  • 19 plastic lower pistol receivers of various colors

  • 3 lower receiver mold red

  • two (2) high-capacity magazines

  • two (2) magazine springs

  • one (1) Taurus slide for a .380 caliber firearm

  • one (1) SCCY 9 mm slide for a firearm

  • numerous small internal firearm parts

  • (34) 40 caliber bullets

  • (31) 9 mm bullets

  • Four (14) .380 caliber bullets

  • (469) .22 caliber bullets

  • 4 plastic lower rifle receivers

  • 2 plastic rifle rails

  • 2 plastic rifle grips

  • a plastic firearm replica with a firing pin loaded with a live round,

  • a 3-D Printer

  • Approximately three (3) grams of a white powder

  • Suboxone strips

  • one (1) 9 mm firearm magazine

  • one (1) .380 firearm magazine located by

  • one (1) Hi-Point .380 caliber firearm slide

Edmilson Andrade is to be charged with Trafficking a Class A Substance (Fentanyl), Unlawful possession of ammunition, and Possession of ammunition.

Edmilson Andrade is expected to be arraigned in Dorchester District

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