Yikes!  We realize that fighting traffic in Boston is a daily occurrence.  No matter how you plan your day, you get stuck!

Well, we haven’t been imagining it!  According to the Boston HeraldChris Dempsey, director of the advocacy group Transportation for Massachusetts, we spend 14 percent of drive time in bumper-to-bumper traffic – worse than New York City with 13% and LA with 12% – two cities notorious for terrible traffic!  These stats are from INRIX Global Ranking. 

So what do we do?  Well, Mayor Marty Walsh and his administration are thinking outside the box, trying to promote other modes of transportation.  The recent announcement of parking fines increasing – especially for double-parking – will hopefully relieve congestions.  Some of the revenue from these fines will go to create safe bike lanes – another way to alleviate traffic. 

Dempsey admits these solutions will help, the bottom line is that we need to improve public transportation.  We agree  – now lets fix the T!  But until the MBTA improves were going to continue to see traffic!  Have you seen the traffic at Kosciuszko Circle?  Or how about the nightmare of Neponset Circle and Dot Ave! The gridlock can start as early at 2pm! 

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