In May, we reported Caffe Zia Gianna would be closing its doors for good. Over the weekend, Nino Barbalace, owner of the cafe, let his valued customers know (via social media) that he will be relocating to Savannah, Georgia, to open a B+B. He also announced that the coffee shop, located on Dot. Ave. was on the market!

According to Universal Hub, the Boston Licensing Board approved plans by Stefano and Tsedenia Kiros to open an Italian restaurant located at 1739 Dorchester Ave. Via Cannucci is the name, and it will be a casual Italian spot.

Stefano Kiros is Italian born and went to culinary was born in Rome and went to culinary school in Italy. Kiros was also the executive chef at Petit Robert Bistro and a baker at Eataly.

The couple also applied for a beer and wine license. Sounds promising!

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