On Tuesday at 7:30pm, Mayor Marty Walsh will deliver the State of the City virtually.  Most local television channels will be broadcasting it. You can also livestream it live here.

This may be Walsh’s last official State of the City address thanks to being nominated as US Labor Secretary. 

In case the State of the City wasn’t exciting enough, National Hot Toddy Day was yesterday.  So why not make one for yourself!  Here’s our own CID recipe for you to try!

CID Hot Toddy:

Boil water

2 ounces for Putnam New England Whiskey from Boston Harbor Distillery (right here in Dorchester)

1 Sleepy Time tea bag

Honey to taste

Plus a squeeze of lemon

Bring water to boil, pour whiskey into your favorite mug or glass, add tea bag, some honey and a squeeze of lemon.  Fill up mug with hot water.  Add some lemon.  If you have some cinnamon sticks handy (then you’re probably crazy), add to the mug for garnish.

If you’re are participating in Dry January or are dipping your toe in the Sober Curious pool, just remove the whiskey for a virgin hot toddy!


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