On Monday, officials from the MassDOT and the MBTA launched the MBTA’s new draft network map as part of Bus Network Redesign. Members of the public can view the draft network map online at mbta.com/BNRD

As far as the Dorchester bus routes go, judging by the map, there will be changes to most lines including #20, #26, #27, #28, #29, #41 to name a few.  You can check out the full list here. 

Just select “Dorchester” and you’ll find a PDF of the new route maps and changes.

If you’re not loving the new routes or changes proposed or if you love the new routes or changes, you’re encouraged to let the MBTA know. You can learn more here. 

So what exactly is this all about?

The Greater Boston area has substantially evolved with new employment districts, shifting demographics, and traffic increases while the bus network has stayed largely the same. Transit is essential to the region’s economy and bus service serves the MBTA’s most transit-dependent populations. It is essential that the MBTA’s bus network adapts to change.

An initiative of the Better Bus Project, MassDOT and the MBTA’s Bus Network Redesign project is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make bold improvements to the MBTA’s bus network for the people that depend on it most. Bus Network Redesign completely re-imagines the bus network to reflect the travel needs of the region today, creating a better experience for current and future riders while prioritizing equity and the needs of those who depend on frequent, reliable bus service.

According to the website, the rider benefits include:

  • 25% more bus service
  • 70% more weekend service
  • 275,000 more residents would be near high-frequency service (buses running every 15 minutes or better, 5 AM – 1 AM, seven days a week)
  • 115,000 residents of color and 40,000 low-income households would gain access to high-frequency service

For Dorchester, there are 3 new high-frequency routes that will connect:

• Harbor Point and Uphams Corner to Copley Square and Back Bay.
• Columbia Road to Andrew (Red Line) and Forest Hills (Orange Line).
• Newmarket Square to Longwood Medical Area and the Seaport.

There will be a Public Virtual Meeting to discuss the bus network redesign. You can learn more here! 

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