Due to the demolition of the former Hendries building, the MBTA will replace Mattapan Trolley service with shuttles beginning at the start of service on Saturday, September 1, through the end of service on Saturday, September 8.

Due to narrow roads in these areas, van shuttles will service Capen Street, Valley Road, and Central Avenue Stations with a transfer to shuttle buses available at Central Avenue.

Replacement service will run according to the following:

Inbound to Ashmont: Bus shuttle service will run between Mattapan Station and Central Avenue following River Street and turning right on Central Avenue (without stopping at Capen Street or Valley Road). From Central Avenue, buses will turn left on Eliot Street, and left on Adams Street, stopping at Milton Station. Buses then turn right on to Adams Street, stopping at Butler Street and Cedar Grove. From there, buses turn left on Gallivan Boulevard, right on Dorchester Avenue, to Ashmont Station.

Customers in the vicinity of Capen Street and Valley Road will board a van shuttle that will run between both stations on Eliot Street, and will stop at Central Avenue. At Central Avenue, customers will transfer to shuttle buses.

Outbound to Mattapan: Bus shuttles will depart Ashmont Station via Dorchester Avenue. Buses will turn left on Gallivan Boulevard, and right on Adams Street, stopping at Cedar Grove and Butler Street. Buses will then turn left on Adams Street in Lower Mills to stop at Milton Station.  From there, buses will turn right on Eliot Street and right on Central Avenue, stopping at Central Avenue.

 At Central Avenue, customers seeking Valley Road and Capen Street will transfer to a van shuttle, which will continue on Eliot Street; bus shuttles will turn left on River Street, stopping at Mattapan Station.

 All buses and vans are accessible for persons with disabilities. Regular Mattapan Trolley service will resume at the start of service on Sunday, September 9.

 As delays and other service changes may occur, customers are urged to connect with the MBTA by visiting mbta.com, checking T-Alerts, downloading the Transit app, and following the T on Twitter @MBTA.


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