A fun Facebook group that has grown to epic proportions!

Would you like to be part of it?  Here’s the scoop below!  To join, visit here! 

CHEERS to all you Dot Rats! ??? It’s time to get wined! This group is a place for residents of Dorchester who enjoy positivity, kindness, and FUN! You may have seen these groups where you post your address and another member will “wine” you by leaving some of your favorite drinks on your doorstep. This group is for all you Dorchester peeps!

Here’s how it works:

When you join the group, do an intro post with your address and a few things you like as far as snacks, drinks, etc. When you feel like spreading some joy, randomly pick someone who has posted and make their day with a porch surprise! If you get “wined” be sure to post a pic and say thank you, and you then return the favor by doing the same to someone else. But because Dorchester has SO many generous and kind people, let’s take it a step further- maybe grab the drinks or extra goodies from a local restaurant! #shoplocal

If you do receive something from a local restaurant or business, take a pic and tag them so we can share the love! You can also “wine” staff at a local restaurant or business- they’ve all been working hard and what a better way than with a surprise!

Don’t drink wine or alcoholic beverages? You are still welcome!!

Post what you love to drink- coffee, your favorite soft drink, etc. Everyone is welcome. ?

*This is for fun only. You must be 21 to join the group. Do your best to return the favor to someone else. Positive and kindness only! Negative members and comments will not be tolerated. This is for FUN! We can all use some extra fun these days. This group is only for Dorchester residents – if you are looking for surrounding towns, there are other pages out there. And also, again, HAVE FUN!✌?

This group is private but if you are not comfortable posting your address you can always privately message it to someone. TAG YOUR IT! It’s time to GET WINED IN DOT!

To learn more, visit here! 

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