While you’re staying at home, here’s another series to watch – especially if you like history! Irish journalist Seán Mac an tSíthigh travels to Boston to explore the Irish immigrant experience and the connection with the city.

“For over 150 years generation after generation of Irish have flocked to America’s most Irish of cities- Boston. With an Irish American mayor in city hall, the Irish it seems are still to the fore of the city’s political establishment and indeed everyday Boston life. Despite their current standing, the Irish communities’ position as the most powerful immigrant community in Boston is now in doubt. Journalist Seán Mac an tSíthigh travels to Boston, Massachusetts in this four-part series to meet with the large Irish community at an important juncture of the Irish American story.”

There are four episodes – each episode is released weekly. You can watch the first episode – which features South Boston – now.  You can watch it online here.

The series is brought to you by RTE – Ireland’s National Television and Radio Broadcaster – it is also in the Irish language – but there are subtitles.

Image via The Globe – there’s a really great article about the Irish immigrant experience in the globe magazine too!

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