On Wednesday morning, a Federal Transit Administration report on the MBTA was released. In a nutshell, it states the T has developed troubling safety problems due to focusing on completing capital projects combined with a workforce that’s too small to run the transit system.

The FTA has ordered the T to address areas like safety communications and funding the balance of new projects and day-to-day operations.  This follows orders via the FTA back in June to address safety issue like infrastructure and staffing. All of this coming to head after months of delays, derailments, fires and even deaths.

The 90-page report reveals an “increase in severity” of incidents in the MBTA train system dating back a few years.  You can check out a copy of the document here. 

The safety incidents happened when the MBTA focused on system upgrades and expansions while not investing in staffing.  The report states there are 24 problem areas the MBTA should solve to improve safety.

The FTA report was released on Wednesday morning shortly after Gov. Charlie Baker filed a supplemental $1.6 billion budget proposal -which includes $200 million for the MBTA.

The FTA report only covered the MBTA’s subway system. Commuter rail and bus service were not audited.

So there you go. More to follow.

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