On Sunday, it was a beautiful day to celebrate the neighborhood for the Dot Day Parade!  Blue skies, sun shining, and fire rainbows!  Fire rainbows? Yes, spotted up in the sky were vibrant colors of the rainbow, but not in the traditional arc form, more like a square of stripes hanging in the sky.  A very rare sight!

So, what are fire rainbows? According to World Atlas, a fire rainbow refers to the circumhorizontal arcs, which are neither a type of rainbow nor flame. A fire rainbow is a result of light being refracted as it passes from the moon or the sun over the ice crystals within the atmosphere, especially with cirrostratus or cirrus clouds. A full-fire rainbow is characterized by a band of spectrum colors, with the red color formed in the outermost ring. Such bands of spectrum colors run in a parallel direction to the horizon and are found under the moon or the sun.

What a perfect way to kick off Pride Month in the neighborhood!

Special thank you to Angela for capturing this fire rainbow on Dot Ave. in Dorchester


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