Escape of the Dorchester Goats

On Sunday morning, three of the four goats hired to clean up Dorchester Park for the summer, decided to venture off for greener pastures.  The goats were spotted wandering around near the tennis courts.  Evidently, the 3 rascals jumped off of a high rock to get some fresh greens on the other side of the path.

Luckily, Dorchester Park board member and goat employer, Lisa Ahern, along with some fast thinking bystanders helped wrangle them back behind the fence at the park.

They didn’t go far.  I easily lured them back in with carrots and the help of a family that was up there playing tennis,” said Ahern. 

Special thanks to goat wranglers Alden, Cameron Tony and Colleen.


The goats are in charge of eating poison ivy, weeds, and bramble. By using the goats, it keeps the park safe from chemical sprays to get rid of weeds etc.  You can help support the goats efforts by making a donation here!  

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