BOSTON, March 25, 2024 –A Dorchester man convicted last month of manslaughter in a 2020 Independence Day celebration shooting death of a woman received a 17-20 year prison sentence today, District Attorney Kevin Hayden announced.

KRISTIAN MARAJ, 26, was convicted by a jury on February 9 in the death of Felicity Coleman, 34, of Dorchester.  Judge Anthony Campo sentenced Maraj to 17 to 20 years in prison on the manslaughter charge and four years on an illegal firearm possession charge, to be served concurrently.

Assistant District Attorney David Bradley said that a group of people had gathered around Stonehurst Street and Norton Street in Dorchester on July 4, 2020 to watch individuals set off fireworks.

During the celebration, early in the a.m. of July 5, Maraj got into a fight with another individual and dropped a gun, which a friend picked up and ran with toward Maraj’s house on Hamilton Street. Meanwhile, Maraj’s father tried to intercede in the fight, and was stabbed. Maraj retrieved the gun, ran back to Norton Street, and shot into a group of people, fatally wounding Felicity Coleman.

“This defendant made the reprehensible—and ultimately deadly—decision to indulge his rage by firing into a group of people who were gathered to enjoy fireworks in honor of Independence Day.  That decision cost Felicity Coleman her life and handed her family and friends unending sorrow and grief,” Hayden said.

Felicity Coleman’s cousin read an impact statement at today’s sentencing hearing. The full statement is below.

“Your Honor, as you consider the sentencing of the individual responsible for this senseless act, I implore you to remember the irreplaceable life that was taken. No amount of justice can bring her back or ease the pain of her loss, but it is my fervent hope that the severity of this crime is met with appropriate consequence.

“This individual made the decision to carry a firearm doing so illegally. This individual decided to partake in an altercation prior to the fatal shooting that claimed Felicity’s life. This individual decided to pull out his firearm which had been knocked out of his possession however was later retrieved. Then this individual with that same illegal firearm walks back down the street and let out over 8 bullets at two helpless females. An elder who watched him grow up and my cousin, a neighborhood friend who was outside watching the fireworks. Although my cousin was not her killer’s direct target, he did have a target in mind. Please remember that this man made his decision to kill prior to doing so. The intent was in his heart to murder somebody, anybody as it was heard on the cameras. So I pray your honor you show the same mercy he did that night when he took Felicity Coleman away from us.

“This trial has been nothing less than painful but I do want to extend my appreciation to some people. I would like to express my deepest thank you to both the lawyers and prosecutor on the case. Thank you for fighting for Felicity and trying your best to give her justice. I want to say thank you to the jury who took the time out of their lives to observe this heartbreaking case in the attempt to help deliver justice. Special thank you to the officers who were able to detain this criminal immediately. Thank you to the witness who showed an immense amount of courage testifying even when her life was being threatened. Lastly thank you your honor for allowing my cousin’s murderer to have his day in court where he answered for his crimes. No matter what the sentencing may be I promise myself I will be in attendance at every parole hearing to remind all how this man took an innocent life with no remorse and how he is a danger to society and has already proven so.

“Until then may Felicity’s memory be a beacon of light in the darkness, guiding us through our grief and inspiring us to cherish each moment we are given. Though she may no longer walk among us, her spirit will forever live on in our hearts.”

All charged individuals are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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