Dorchester Brewing is transforming into Dogchester Brewing starting June 1st!

Earlier this month, the City of Boston announced an effort to create dog-friendly spaces at beer gardens and outdoor restaurant patios across Boston.  This new policy from the Inspectional Services Department’s Health Division will allow restaurants to create spaces where dog owners and their pets can be together. All restaurants and beer gardens with outdoor space in Boston can apply for a “Dog Friendly Spaces” variance.

Well, if you’re a lover of dogs, then you’ll like this news.  Dorchester Brewing Co. posted on social media that they applied for this special license and were approved.

See the Instagram post below:

DOGchester Brewing Rules & Guidelines:

1. All dogs must be on leash and in direct control of their hooman(s), and may not be roaming free and/or fastened to tables, benches, or chairs
2. Dogs aren’t allowed on tables, chairs, benches, or barrels – no matter how small or boopable they are
3. Please put all dog 💩 in the marked container, and not in a non-designated 💩 trash can
4. Our bar staff can unfortunately not boop or pet your pups – we promise it’s not personal, and we’d like nothing more than to give them treat-os and love
5. Please be able to provide (upon request) evidence of current license and up-to-date rabies shot documentation
6. No drinking for doggos – they’re fun enough at a 0.0 BAC (there are non-alcoholic “dog beer” options available for purchase, though!)
For more DeTAILS – visit here. 
Did your business apply for this special license or do you know of any that did? Let us know!

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