Don’t Stand So Close To Me: Social Distancing Guidelines/Etiquette during a Stay at Home Advisory

On Monday, Governor Charlie Baker issued a stay at home advisory. What does that mean? Basically, Baker is urging people to stay home and avoid any unnecessary activities. Of course, you can go to the supermarket, pharmacy and even take a walk.  But it’s not an excuse to socialize in groups or gather at parks.  Just keep moving. 

And while you’re out and about, here are some guidelines to keep people healthy:

If you’re at the supermarket, butcher shop, liquor store, pharmacy etc. – give your neighbor some space.  It’s not a “normal” line/cue system anymore.  We need a buffer of 6 feet.  Kindly adhere to the rule.  

If you are walking or running and come upon another person doing the same, don’t pass shoulder to shoulder. Step aside to the right and let the person pass safely.

If you are walking, be aware of your surroundings.  Don’t have your head down looking at your phone.

If you’re going to walk/run, just do it locally.  No need to drive or take the MBTA to a place to walk/run in another neighborhood. Remember you’ve been ask to stay at home. If you need to get out, take a walk/run right out your front door. 

If you are in a public park/area, don’t walk in groups 4-5 across – people need to pass and need room to do so safely. Same goes for walking on the streets too. 

Don’t spit or shoot mucus out of your nose (aka snot rocket).  It’s gross on a normal day.  In pandemic times, it’s dangerous.  So don’t.

Here is some more helpful information. 

Be safe out there!  Let’s flatten the curve together! 

Now go wash your hands!

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