0.7 min readBy Published On: April 15th, 2022Categories: News0 Comments on Curious Case of the Stop Sign on Minot

Universal Hub posted a 311 report about a Stop sign at the intersection of Minot and Branton. The resident who filed the complaint was concerned that the Stop sign wasn’t visible enough and should be moved to a more prominent spot.

Well, when BTD did a little investigation into the report, they realized that no one from the city installed the sign and that the sign isn’t supposed to be there at all. Evidently, someone who loves safety decided to install the Stop sign.

BTD also came across another faux sign – “No Left Turn” as cars can, in fact, make a left turn onto Brantford St since it is a one way street towards Gallivan Blvd.

BTD will be removing both signs. Needless to say who ever initially posted those bogus signs will be less than pleased.

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