Congestion, lack of parking, and terrible public transportation, oh my!

A new Boston Globe’s Spotlight investigation on traffic has us scratching our heads, wondering why on earth would be choose to live where we live.

Just the Facts:

With the metro region gaining 300,000 more cars and trucks than it did five years ago and the addition of 74,000 new jobs in the last five years have combined to create a traffic nightmare.

In the city of Boston, there are 31,000 more cars with resident stickers compared to last decade and not enough on-street parking in some neighborhoods.

The MBTA is struggling and many residents are afraid to try commuting by bike due to the lack of protective bike lines and the fact it’s kind of scary.

So what’s a city to do? Well, according to the Spotlight investigation, we need to break up with our cars.

The Globe Spotlight Team interviewed, analyzed, queried, and examined the driving situation from every angle. They even traveled to different counties to see how other cities commute.

Bottom line? We love our cars. From busy parents to our elected officials, we’ve created a “car first culture” and are now literally “stuck in place.”

You can read all the depressing news here.

What’s it gonna take for you to break up with your car? A better MBTA? Protected bike lanes? Paying for parking? Charging driving tolls and congestion pricing? Or will you never, ever, ever give up your car?

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