Well, that’s a bummer.

A little over a year ago, the City of Boston was looking for the public’s suggestions, thoughts, ideas and feedback when it comes to the redesign of Blue Hill Ave.  According to the Boston Globe, this project’s funding was rejected by the federal government.

The redesign of Blue Hill Ave focuses on three areas: transportation (bus service #22 and #28 routes in particular), safety, and public space. It is considered an important piece of the city’s mobility network.

Boston and the MBTA had pledged $15 million of this $30 million project.  Over the summer, they applied for a $15 million federal grant. Unfortunately, the Department of Transportation didn’t chose the Blue Hill Ave. project to fund.

So what happens next? Well, this project is still a priority for the city and the Boston Department of Transportation is actively working to find the funding. So we shall see. 

A virtual community meeting will take place on Wednesday evening to discuss.  You can learn more about this meeting here.

Trivia: Did you know the #28 is most heavily ridden MBTA bus in Boston?

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