It’s a tale as old as time. If it’s raining, or a high tide, or a coastal storm, you avoid Morrissey Boulevard.  Why, you ask.  Because, most likely, it’s flooded. 

This “situation” is part of our reality living in the neighborhood just as much as Kosciuszko Circle – another “situation” that impacts getting around the city.

Back in November, the first meeting of a new Morrissey Boulevard Commission kicked off the process of drafting a plan to renovate the decades-old roadway. Included in this plan is raising Morrisey Blvd’s elevation to avoid future floods and modifying its layout to improve traffic flow for cars, public transit, bikes, and pedestrians. The deadline for the plan is June 1st, 2024.

On Thursday, May 2nd from 6pm-8pm, the Morrissey Blvd. Commission will host a second meeting to discuss – in person and online – get all the details and register here.

Boston College High School, 150 Morrissey Boulevard, Boston, MA 02125

You can learn more here! 

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