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Things seemed to have quieted down in the recent ZBA bribery scandal case but now it’s heating up with a new article posted on Wednesday night by WGBH.

According to the article written by Isaiah Thompson, a Dorchester real estate agent and former Zoning Board of Appeal, brokered real estate deals for multiple properties that received zoning variances from the ZBA while he was there.

At least four times, Craig Galvin took part in votes that helped properties gain variances needed and then went on to broker the sale of these properties. Galvin recently resigned in light of the ZBA bribery scandal involving John Lynch and a piece of property in South Boston.

The four cases WGBH is referring to involves a parcel in Roslindale, a house in Hyde Park and building on Westmoreland Street and two parcels on Kimball Street – both in Dorchester.

In the Dorchester cases, on Westmoreland Street, a developer needed zoning variances in May 2018 for additions and renovation which was granted unanimously – including a vote by Galvin. The property was then sold for $750,000 in June, 2019, with Galvin listed as broker. On Kimball Street, is was a similar situation. An applicant wanted an extension of zoning relief to convert a two-family house into three condos on one lot and build a new three-unit condo on the other. The applicant got the extension and Galvin’s agency “advertised and helped sell the condo units between October 2018 and April 2019 for a total of $2.2 million.”

Hmmmm…you can read the full article here.

It’s going to be interesting what else shakes out in this case.

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