Ladies Nights, half-priced drinks, and discounted drink special are a thing of the past but could be making a comeback if the State Senate has anything to say about it!

There’s a new economic bill which includes an amendment allowing cities and town in MA to let bars and restaurants offer discounts on booze – aka happy hour!  The amendment is being sponsored by state Senator Julian Cyr.

Cyr’s proposal would allow any city or town to vote to allow sale of discounted alcohol beverages at bars and restaurants during specific hours. The discount would need to be publicly announced at least three days in advance and the discount an’t run past 10 p.m. The local governments would set their own regulations on how the rules would work. The state would also support places that legalize happy hour by forming a new advisory group which would help advice on how to handle drunk driving, alcohol licensing and public safety.

So now what?

The House of Representatives would need to agree to include it in the final version of the economic development bill before the end of regular sessions on July 31.

Gov. Charlie Baker would have to approve it too. In the past, Baker has been outwardly against bringing back due to public safety reasons.

So we shall see.

Why did we get rid of happy hour?

Back in 1984, in an attempt to stop people from driving drunk, happy hour pricing was prohibited. According to the Globe, Governor Michael S. Dukakis approved a proposal by alcohol regulators to outlaw happy hour, after a 20-year-old Weymouth woman was killed in the parking lot of a Braintree bar after being dragged under a car driven by an intoxicated friend. 

The ban, which is still on the books, prohibits free drinks, jumbo-sized drinks, contests with drink prizes, and sales of pitchers of beer to solo customers.

What do you think? Bring back happy hour? Or keep it banned? Take our poll below!

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