There’s a couch bandit on the loose

Universal Hub is reporting a Dorchester resident had her new custom made couch stolen off of her porch on Ripley Street. Beatrice made the following post:

I got a custom made $4000 couch from Lexington Furniture and I’m moving in a few days so I put it on the porch and someone stole it. I still have the cushions and everything I’m heart broken and haven’t been able to stop crying please if anyone has seen someone with a couch that has this pattern color etc let me know ASAP I will be making a police report tomorrow morning and the my neighbors has offered to let me view their cameras but I need all the help I can get please please please if anyone has any information let me know ASAP stolen on Ripley Road!!!!!!

If you have an info about the stolen couch – you can let Universal Hub know and they’ll get the message to and they’ll let Beatrice know!

Image of the cushions from the missing couch.

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