With the partial government shutdown starting two weeks ago, we wondered what exactly does that mean. Well, President Trump and Congress can’t come to an agreement over federal spending – in particular over funding for building the Mexican wall so part of the government has been shutdown. Basically it means some offices are closed, federal paychecks will be held up, and some tourist attractions will be closed.

Dorchester’s own John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is closed. According to the Boston Globe ,a sign on the gate reads: “Due to a lapse in federal funding, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is closed.”

So if you planned on making a trip or visit to the Kennedy Library over the holidays, it is closed until this government mess is sorted out.  You may want to check other local tourist attractions to make sure they are open before you plan your visit.

Bunker Hill Monument is also closed due to the partial shutdown.

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